M101 Pinwheel Galaxy
Whirlpool Full Calibrated
Orion Nebula & Running Man
Bartinov mask focus image
Moon 190039 17 03 2016 Apennine Mountain Range
Jupiter & Storm 06 03 2016
22 03 2016 Sea of Serenity
Io Jupiter Ganymede Europa
Hercules Star Cluster 03 06 2016
The Horsehead Nebula in Orion
Jupiter 06 03 2016 Late

Over the years I have used my engineering, electronics & computer skills to persue my hobbies, I built my computers from salvaged parts. I made a lot of the components used to capture the astrophotography images below, electronic mechanical focusers, bartinov masks and guiding mounts etc, a sharp learning curve, even down to the best pc software for various applications available via open source, this has hugely increased my knowledge in all areas, due to this I have learned the services offered on this website.

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M101 Pinwheel Galaxy